Friday, December 14, 2012

Organized Notes

To say in the lamest terms, the Project manager would like tot have a better way of managing and organizing meeting notes from post-its into an organizable database. Post its may be useful at setting ideas in motion, but once the madness is on the floor, technology can help you sort through it.

So I have started writing user stories for the Project Manager by listing his needs. Here is what I got so far:


  1. Great to see these written out. The main challenge with the way you've written the scenarios are that the final "Then ..." lines are not in a form that is explicitly testable.

    The idea with the cucumber scenarios is that they can be run as integration tests that checks whether your system actually provides the desired functionality. This was the essence of HW3 from the first EdX course.

    So rather than "Then I should get a printed version of the meeting notes summary" you should have something like "Then I see ''Meeting Number 6 Summary (print version)", which would correspond not to actually printing the document, but the view on the screen prior to printing.

    Similarly for "Then I should get an organized list of category selected" should be something that actually check for the presence of particular notes under particular categories. As you have hopefully seen in some other cucumber examples, the scenario background can include setup of the database so that you have for example, two notes in each category, and then you can check explicitly that those appear under the correct category headings.

  2. Okay, I see what you mean, I'll update accordingly. :)