Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brainstorm 2 PDF to Excel Conversion

a) Project Sponsor -- Lori Jansn
b) Organizational Need -- she needs a program that can take pdf files from the vendor and be able to import them into microsoft excel.
c) Organizational Requirements -- The system must take pdf file with data and import the data with the same fromat and spacing into microsoft excel
d) Organizational Value --The value of this program is that it will save a lot of time. Excel is always used in the corporate world. A lot of times professionals will only feel comfortable presenting their specs, especially budgets in PDF form. For this reason, for the second company handling this would have to manually import the data back into a manageable data form.
e) Special Issues or Constraints --The application must be secure and stable. It must retain data integrity or else budgets and other vital information could be compromised.This means that the proper recognition of delimiters is vital.

The problem with this request for a program like this is that I have no idea how to make a program like this.


  1. I've sucessfully used this software on it's free trial in the past Is there a budget for this project or do you need a completely free solution?

  2. I would need a completely free solution. So although I could use this as a free trial, I wouldn't want to give the program to the client, and then it would stop working after the trial is over.