Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brainstorm 3 Food client database

a) Project Sponsor -- Ramon Rojales
b) Organizational Need -- in need of a program to keep track of client orders and print invoices. This will allow his food company to keep track of expenses and profits. "Client information that can be organized at your fingertips would work nice as well."
c) Organizational Requirements -- organize categories of a client, food, # of orders, and should be able to print invoices according to orders.
d) Organizational Value -- The organization will gain value in the program or database because it will keep track of clients and what they order. It will also be a way for Ramon to print proper invoices. By creating an application with these capabilities, he should also be able to pick up trends and suggest food orders from previous clients at certain times of the year.
e) Special Issues or Constraints -- the program must be able to print proper invoices. The program must be kept on personal laptop. The program must ensure data integrity

My solution is a simple database on his computer. Either Java or Access implementation. would suffice.

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