Sunday, December 16, 2012


First of I'd like to mention how funny I think it is that JavaScript is called JavaScript even thought the language itself has absolutely nothing to do with Java. I've always touched on what JavaScript is with friends and co-workers at the IT department, but I never realized the impact of JavaScript on the way we use the internet being essential. To think that Brendan Eich made Javascript in 10 days, a program language that makes the internet experience what it is today, is a crazy thought. Could you imagine the internet without AJAX? AJAX allows web browsers to reload certain parts of web pages without re-building the entire website over again. This makes me wonder what Facebook would be like without it.
JavaScript is the link between the browser and Java. It allows users to have Java Applets etc, on your browser experience. In actuality, it has nothing to do with Java, other than the fact above. In a way, Netscape was riding the wave of coolness Java brought to the table in the 90's, and for that reason, they named LiveScript JavaScript instead.

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