Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blog Customization

Upon watching the newest Video from Sam's Class on Software Engineering,

I stumbled upon customization of my blog. By applying a simple theme to the blog, I feel like my blog has completely Transformed. Does anyone have any suggestions on formatting? Please let me know.

By giving my blog a little bit of my own personalization instead of keeping it as simple as possible, I feel much more professional and open minded.

High Quality Routines

I feel like I run into many problems being a programmer. I believe it has everything to do with me being stubborn. In this past reading of "High Quality Routines" the chapter talks about naming your methods appropriately. When I started programming in Java, I found that naming methods with descriptive names really goes a long way. :) The first time I used simple but non descriptive names for my methods. I named my methods numerically starting with 1. I soon found out that I would tend to forget what the "1" method was used for. Rather than "printUppercase". In the end, reading High Quality Routines has really good advise, I just wish I got the advise earlier.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saas, Ruby, Edx

I just wanted to take this time to talk about my thoughts on Edx. Lately we've been completing this course from Berkly called Edx, and it is some really intense stuff. I feel a little overwhelmed to be honest. At the same time, I always try to stay positive.

I thought this would be a good way to get some of my questions answered. Does anyone know if were going to go past week 4? I'm currently working on the 2nd homework and installing "roku" or whatever it's called, and I cant help but wonder if I'm going to be able to do the homeworks. On the plus side, I saw that there is a certification to have after you finish Edx. I just wanted to let my fellow peers know, if your having a hard time programming on Edx, YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE. Also, don't forget to go on skype to ask for help. Do not be a fool and spend time trying to figure things out by yourself.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

week 4 and 5 Ruby Thoughts

Hello Everyone,

I'm sure everyone is doing well on the assignments. I personally am having a hard time programming. I have a basic Java level programming. I do not plan on becoming a programmer in this lifetime. I understand that programming will help me become a better IT. What I really had a hard time grasping was that one question on Week 4 numbers quiz was number
"7. Print a sequence of number pairs "x,y" such that x ranges from 0 to 3 and y from 5 to 7 "

I understand that i have to use something 0.unto(3), or something close to that effect. 

Although I can sit here and complain how I really suck at programming, I can't help but marvel at the genius of Ruby. To make everything a method instead of having multiple data types really opens the possibilities. This method of programming will allow you to change the internal rules by assigning differences in methods. For example, you can make 5+6 different from 6+5. 

So all in all, Ruby is a double edged sword in my opinion. 

p.s. I just thought the picture of the ruby looked cool. LOL!

Likes/Dislikes Week 2 CSCI 3211

Hello Everyone,

This will be my weekly blog, and I decided to talk about my likes and dislikes of this weeks assignments. Starting with my likes, I found that using skype and being able to chat with the class and receive help from the teacher turned out to be really helpful. I wish more professors would use skype to get in contact with students. This class has also pushed me into signing up for Linkedin. I should have signed up for that a long time ago, but never got around to it. Making it a requirement gave me the push I need to finally sign up for it. I know that Linkedin may help me find a job in the future.
In contrast to what I really liked about this  week, I continually ran into a lot of problems. My first problem was when Firefox kept throwing errors on Ruby. I should remember to step back and take a look at the big picture as a better programmer. The solution was found by Sam and myself to switch to Google Chrome. My second problem then became the Git tutorial. I ran into a similar problem, in where it asked me to sign up for Git, which I did, but then the tutorial wouldn't let me past the part where it asked me to sign up. I decided to look at the chat and found that Bronson Tanaka found a solution by closing it out and continuing through Code School. The solution worked and I was able to finish. So although I did run into a lot of technical issues, the technical issues in turn taught me to be a better programmer by thinking out of the box.

Thanks for listening,


Sockekt Programming

Hello Everyone,

So this week I have to do a programming assignment for my other class  using java. I will have to create a program to ping a "server" which will actually just be another java class file. I am so excited! I feel like It's a simple program though, so I shouldn't have to worry. It is just demonstrating time delay within the ping. I think that is so awesome. So I am going back and forth between this and writing the code. Just finished. The time is only 2.23 second delay. Did you know that the average user will only wait 8 seconds for a webpage to load. That average time delay for a webpage to load goes down every year. It seems that everyone is getting more and more impatient. But when Professor Malica told the class this fact, I was able to contradict her statement and prove to her that indeed people will wait for longer than 8 seconds as long as the webpage being loaded is facebook.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Program

So reading about Pragmatic Paranoia made me think of one thing over and over again. Programming AI (artificial intelligence). I understand man's pursuit of the perfect code, but the code simply does not exist. Hence defensive programming. But while I was thinking of all the methods, I couldn't help but think of an evolving algorithm. Such as the flu. If man in the future could design an evolving algorithm which can think for itself such as UI, maybe a program may become perfect. This eventually got me to thinking about "The Matrix".


So if the AI would constantly think of defense mechanisms around the perfect program, the program would be ever evolving. But then this leads to the question of What is the definition of perfect, and that we will save for another topic. In man's quest for the perfect program, will man create a situation such as the matrix? Only time will tell.