Saturday, October 27, 2012

High Quality Routines

I feel like I run into many problems being a programmer. I believe it has everything to do with me being stubborn. In this past reading of "High Quality Routines" the chapter talks about naming your methods appropriately. When I started programming in Java, I found that naming methods with descriptive names really goes a long way. :) The first time I used simple but non descriptive names for my methods. I named my methods numerically starting with 1. I soon found out that I would tend to forget what the "1" method was used for. Rather than "printUppercase". In the end, reading High Quality Routines has really good advise, I just wish I got the advise earlier.


  1. I got into java and doing all of the programming in previous course. This with ruby and github, etc is overwhelming. However after a little practice and patience I will get through. Thank you for your posting.

  2. Glad to hear that you liked the advice in "High Quality Routines", although it sounds like maybe you already reached all the chapters conclusions on your own, the "hard way". Was there anything new in the chapter that you hadn't already thought of?

  3. I totally agree with your idea because when I started programming, I used num1, 2, 3 as variable names for numbers. Then, I had the same problem as well. Then, I understood that appropriate name is important. However, I sometimes hesitate which name is appropriate for them:)