Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Program

So reading about Pragmatic Paranoia made me think of one thing over and over again. Programming AI (artificial intelligence). I understand man's pursuit of the perfect code, but the code simply does not exist. Hence defensive programming. But while I was thinking of all the methods, I couldn't help but think of an evolving algorithm. Such as the flu. If man in the future could design an evolving algorithm which can think for itself such as UI, maybe a program may become perfect. This eventually got me to thinking about "The Matrix".


So if the AI would constantly think of defense mechanisms around the perfect program, the program would be ever evolving. But then this leads to the question of What is the definition of perfect, and that we will save for another topic. In man's quest for the perfect program, will man create a situation such as the matrix? Only time will tell.

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