Sunday, October 14, 2012

Likes/Dislikes Week 2 CSCI 3211

Hello Everyone,

This will be my weekly blog, and I decided to talk about my likes and dislikes of this weeks assignments. Starting with my likes, I found that using skype and being able to chat with the class and receive help from the teacher turned out to be really helpful. I wish more professors would use skype to get in contact with students. This class has also pushed me into signing up for Linkedin. I should have signed up for that a long time ago, but never got around to it. Making it a requirement gave me the push I need to finally sign up for it. I know that Linkedin may help me find a job in the future.
In contrast to what I really liked about this  week, I continually ran into a lot of problems. My first problem was when Firefox kept throwing errors on Ruby. I should remember to step back and take a look at the big picture as a better programmer. The solution was found by Sam and myself to switch to Google Chrome. My second problem then became the Git tutorial. I ran into a similar problem, in where it asked me to sign up for Git, which I did, but then the tutorial wouldn't let me past the part where it asked me to sign up. I decided to look at the chat and found that Bronson Tanaka found a solution by closing it out and continuing through Code School. The solution worked and I was able to finish. So although I did run into a lot of technical issues, the technical issues in turn taught me to be a better programmer by thinking out of the box.

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