Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sockekt Programming

Hello Everyone,

So this week I have to do a programming assignment for my other class  using java. I will have to create a program to ping a "server" which will actually just be another java class file. I am so excited! I feel like It's a simple program though, so I shouldn't have to worry. It is just demonstrating time delay within the ping. I think that is so awesome. So I am going back and forth between this and writing the code. Just finished. The time is only 2.23 second delay. Did you know that the average user will only wait 8 seconds for a webpage to load. That average time delay for a webpage to load goes down every year. It seems that everyone is getting more and more impatient. But when Professor Malica told the class this fact, I was able to contradict her statement and prove to her that indeed people will wait for longer than 8 seconds as long as the webpage being loaded is facebook.

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