Sunday, December 16, 2012

2 Optional Solutions Organized Notes

Solution 1 Access Database:
  •  Instantaneously organized data input
  • Forms make data input easier
  • Reports are easier to print
  • Log of meetings is kept
    • Form of notes taken during the meeting is recorded
  • User may need Microsoft Access training.

Solution 2 Excel Spreadsheet:
  • Training not required
  • Possibility of hiring someone to input information manually is also an option
  • Lots of redundancies for every meeting
  • May take longer to update
  • You would have to manually specify what parts of the spreadsheet you'd like to print every time you want a report
  • May need to setup complicated VLOOKUP functions to create desired views or reports
  • If someone is hired, costs for an organizational tool becomes expensive.


First of I'd like to mention how funny I think it is that JavaScript is called JavaScript even thought the language itself has absolutely nothing to do with Java. I've always touched on what JavaScript is with friends and co-workers at the IT department, but I never realized the impact of JavaScript on the way we use the internet being essential. To think that Brendan Eich made Javascript in 10 days, a program language that makes the internet experience what it is today, is a crazy thought. Could you imagine the internet without AJAX? AJAX allows web browsers to reload certain parts of web pages without re-building the entire website over again. This makes me wonder what Facebook would be like without it.
JavaScript is the link between the browser and Java. It allows users to have Java Applets etc, on your browser experience. In actuality, it has nothing to do with Java, other than the fact above. In a way, Netscape was riding the wave of coolness Java brought to the table in the 90's, and for that reason, they named LiveScript JavaScript instead.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Feasibility Analysis Draft

The idea's technical feasibility (Can we build it?)
- Familiarity with Functional area - developer familiar with database but not with a complex Graphic user interface.
- Familiarity with Technology - developer has created small databases in the past based on SQL
- Project size - small project
Compatibility - project manager already has Microsoft Access and light experience.
The economic feasibility (Will it provide business value?)
- Development costs - 5hours to develop.  2hrs+ training of staff.
- Annual operating costs - 0 (free)
- Annual benefits - reduction in time sifting through post-its
- Intangible costs and benefits - a sense of organization and time efficiency
The organizational feasibility (If we build it, will it be used?)
- Project champions - John, Project Manager
- Senior management - Just John
- Users - John
- Other stakeholders - none
- Is the project strategically aligned with the business - Yes, the project helps John organize his thoughts and print summaries for past team meeting updates.

The Importance of a Feasibility Analysis

Dealing with a feasibility analysis reminds me of the many project implementations  that I have witness failing. The reason for the failure was due to the lack of a feasibility analysis.

In this case, the program implementation dealt with a counter that would count the amount of times students would enter the HPU computer lab without an ID. The policy was that you as a student are allotted 3 opportunities to enter the computer lab without an ID. After those three chances were given, students are not supposed to be let into the lab without an ID card.  Although the program in itself was very useable and met the needs of the client, the project was not strategically aligned with the business.  This very essential part of the feasibility analysis was not met, and therefore the project ended in failure. The flaw did not lye with program counting student ID less entries, but with the policy. To deny current students entry into the computer lab for a missing ID is unacceptable. This goes to show that experience and foresight in planning such as Feasibility analysis  are essential to success.

Organized Notes

To say in the lamest terms, the Project manager would like tot have a better way of managing and organizing meeting notes from post-its into an organizable database. Post its may be useful at setting ideas in motion, but once the madness is on the floor, technology can help you sort through it.

So I have started writing user stories for the Project Manager by listing his needs. Here is what I got so far:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project Effort Estimation

I thought that reading this subject out of the text book is so ironic. I am currently an intern at a company dealing with the implementation of a project. In a way, I was hired to assist in making the project deadline being met. So in my case, the project management decided to sacrifice the cost of the project in order to attain a timely completion of the project. The project management team, in coordination with LAWSON

 is implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software(ERP). In the end, The Project Team and Lawson coordinated a deadline for the project.