Saturday, December 8, 2012

Brainstorm 1 Notes Assistant

a) Project Sponsor -- John Shin
b) Organizational Need -- Lori is a project manager for Hawaii Pacific Health and she needs an application to help her take notes on meetings. She needs a program that will allow her to organize the thoughts of the meeting and the issues being discussed. This program will help her create reports from the meetings to ensure what was discussed is handled.
c) Organizational Requirements -- The application would need to be able to fit criteria under 3 categories, Well, Loose ends, and gonewell. These categories must be able to output proper readable reports that will later be used to make sure that the project team remains on track.
d) Organizational Value -- The benefit from this application would be able to take data from sticky notes, into a readable report
e) Special Issues or Constraints -- This data that will be discussed needs to secure, so it will have to be locally hosted program, and it must be able to import into and export from Microsoft Excel.

My solution to this kind of application would be a simple database with Access used as the interface. This way, Access should be able to import/export data to excel.


  1. Interesting challenge, although it sounds like a database is kind of overkill. Is the current approach to use sticky notes? i.e. writing things down by hand? Sounds like the sponsor needs an iPad with a pen for handwriting recognition, so she can take notes directly into some document ...

  2. I believe it's more of a personal data management project. It'll help him organize his thoughts.