Friday, December 14, 2012

Feasibility Analysis Draft

The idea's technical feasibility (Can we build it?)
- Familiarity with Functional area - developer familiar with database but not with a complex Graphic user interface.
- Familiarity with Technology - developer has created small databases in the past based on SQL
- Project size - small project
Compatibility - project manager already has Microsoft Access and light experience.
The economic feasibility (Will it provide business value?)
- Development costs - 5hours to develop.  2hrs+ training of staff.
- Annual operating costs - 0 (free)
- Annual benefits - reduction in time sifting through post-its
- Intangible costs and benefits - a sense of organization and time efficiency
The organizational feasibility (If we build it, will it be used?)
- Project champions - John, Project Manager
- Senior management - Just John
- Users - John
- Other stakeholders - none
- Is the project strategically aligned with the business - Yes, the project helps John organize his thoughts and print summaries for past team meeting updates.


  1. I think the interesting thing here that came across in our skype chat session, but not in this analysis, is that this is a project based on a particular style of meeting management.

    As you described it, the idea seems to be that in a meeting on a subject, that rather than interjecting with ideas, the participants all write down their thoughts on post-it notes as the meeting goes on and then hand them in at the end. This is to try to ensure honesty since the post it notes are all anonymous.

    The challenge is then compiling and recording all the post it notes digitally after the meeting so that they are available for reflection and review by the meeting chair after the event.

    So this is a personal data management project - interesting stuff.

  2. I think you understand the gist of what the project will be built for. And yes, I guess what it comes down to is a personal data management project