Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blog Customization

Upon watching the newest Video from Sam's Class on Software Engineering,

I stumbled upon customization of my blog. By applying a simple theme to the blog, I feel like my blog has completely Transformed. Does anyone have any suggestions on formatting? Please let me know.

By giving my blog a little bit of my own personalization instead of keeping it as simple as possible, I feel much more professional and open minded.


  1. Thanks for the link to the video. Any chance you could adjust that to be embedded? If you are including a link, do make it clickable, and if its a video, do embed it - makes things so much easier for your blog readers.

    And yes, blog customization is awesome. I don't really have any suggestions on formatting except try to differentiate yourself by choosing a combination of new colors with existing styles. Some people might argue that white on black is harder to read - I don't mind it. Again - I think the key is to look at other blogs, see which ones you like and incorporate elements of theirs that seem professional and cool.

  2. I would suggest giving it a more colorful look. I guess you could google and look at other for their look and come up with your own. The black is a bit much on the else. Don’t get me wrong, easy to read with the white lettering in the background. However again more colorful would be appealing to the ole eyes.

  3. Okay, I'll look into solutions to make my blog easier to read. Thanks Dalton.

    And Sam, I'll embed the video.